A Room for Two

My 11- and 4-year old girls were not only sharing a room, but sharing a full-size bed.  This wasn’t really a problem until recently, when my 4-year old decided she needed all but 6″ of the bed, and would kick and toss and turn, keeping my 11-year old awake.  I’d planned on them having their own beds, and they used to have their own beds, but with the addition of adopted children, I did a lot of rearranging furniture and ended up one bed short of finding beds I like and that fit my style.  (Truth be told, with the boys having bunk beds, I’m still short two beds I like, but they have their own space to sleep, so it’s not as big a deal right now.)

This past weekend, I went to an antique store and bought two mismatched but similar beds, and then began the hunt for bedding.  The girls have some decorations in turquoise that I knew I wanted to work around, and I also knew I wanted a bold floral pattern.  The bedding sets came in (minus one sham, with the replacement on the way) and went right on the beds, and they’re exactly what I wanted!

The secretary from the guest room has been moved into the girls’ room and fits nicely between the closet and bathroom doors.

I still need to find a chair.  Oh, wait.

There it is.  This is controlled chaos, people.

I still have other things to do in this room, like buy blinds for the windows, make curtains, and ideally find a different piece to serve as the nightstand/dresser.  I’m toying around with the idea of wall-mounted lighting for the beds, which I’m sure will just make my husband’s day!

It’s progress, and progress feels so good!  Plus, the girls are both saying they’re sleeping better!


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