Progress on the Desk!


When I saw this campaign style desk in the warehouse for my favorite resale shop, my first thought went to a blog post I read a couple of months ago, where several bloggers had “The Great Crate Challenge.”  I loved the emerald green against the brass, and knew I’d found the right piece to finally incorporate green into the house!

Green Living also sells CeCe Caldwell paint, so I grabbed a quart of Emerald Isle and planned to use the rest of the Endurance top coat from another project.

I removed the handles, but couldn’t get the brackets off.  After two coats of paint, and a chance to dry overnight, I already saw a big improvement.  This picture makes the desk appear aqua, but it’s more kelly green.  Of course, it was after I painted the desk that I realized I had Bar Keeper’s Friend in my laundry room and decided to start scrubbing the brackets.  As careful as I was, I kept rubbing off the paint near the brackets.

Two brackets down, eight to go!

Since I wasn’t making fast progress on the brackets, I decided to work on the drawer pulls.  What a difference a few minutes of scrubbing makes!

When I got home from Bulgaria, my hubby said he had a surprise for me.  As soon as we turned the corner into the guest room, I squealed.  It really doesn’t take much to make my day.

Even though he says he doesn’t like the desk, he’d made it his mission to get the brackets off so I could really clean them.  Maybe it’s growing on him?

So, since I have a Saturday with NO PLANS, I’m working on finishing this desk!  Once it’s finished, I’ll be able to decide on some other things for the room, like bedding and curtains.


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