The Finished Campaign Desk and a Proper Guest Room

I said I’d been working on the house but not blogging, and I wasn’t lying!

Several months ago, I showed the progress I’d made on the campaign desk in the bare bones guest room.  When it came into my house, it looked like this:


It received a couple of coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Emerald Isle, with careful painting around the brass details.

The hubby surprised me while I was out of town by removing all the brass pieces so I could clean them properly, which meant I got to paint the parts I’d missed.  I scrubbed until my fingers ached, but some of the brass was too far gone.

I ordered Krylon Short Cuts spray paint and went to town on all the brass pieces and nail heads.

Put on a top coat to protect the paint, let it dry, and now it’s finished!  Seeing the beautiful desk in the unfinished room, I was anxious to work on the rest of it!  It helped just a little that I found out I’ll be hosting an out-of-town speaker for several days over the summer for a local homeschool event.

Because gold and brass are making their way back (hopefully in a better way than in the 80s/90s), I incorporated a bit here and there.  I picked up the large mirror at a consignment shop for $25.  The chair, which belonged to my mom, was one my husband refinished several years ago.  The clock was a cute little thing from Marshalls.

I bought the highboy at a huge indoor charity sale for $30, and decorated it with things I already had in other places in the house.

The globe is one my aunt bought for my sister and me when we were very young.  I grabbed the book box from my sister’s donation pile when she decluttered her living room.  The vase was previously in the girls’ now coral bathroom, and the painting was one I bought while in Bulgaria.

My mom has claimed this room as hers, and bought a duvet and shams for the bed as my birthday gift!  I love it!  Still on the hunt for throw pillows.


I bought paint for the boys’/guest bath at the same time I bought the girls’ bath paint, and my best friend couldn’t believe I was waiting to paint, so she stopped by, threw on her painting clothes, and knocked out the job in an hour.  Well then.  The boys’/guest bath isn’t finished, but it’s at least not white and has had something done to it.  The sink is not my favorite, so I’m looking to swap it out with something more squared off.

I love walking into the guest room now and seeing the end result of several months of putting it together!


3 thoughts on “The Finished Campaign Desk and a Proper Guest Room

    • Thanks! Being mainly the boys’ bathroom, and considering how quickly they go through toilet paper, I thought it a better idea than constantly running to grab a new roll from the laundry room! Now I just stock up the bathrooms for several days’ worth!


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