Necessity is the Mother of… Rearranging.

I spent a week up to my eyeballs in kids’ clothes, going through eight bins and five boxes, and realized I needed to rearrange furniture so my two oldest girls could use small matching dressers from other rooms for extra storage of undergarments and shorts/jeans/skirts.

You may not be able to tell, but there was a system in all this madness.  Post-its everywhere: “Too big for S” or “Too small for A” and so on, so I knew into which bin it would need to be sorted.

The small dressers were previously in my other girls’ bedroom and the main bathroom, where they were either too small or not well utilized.  My older girls’ nightstands were also small and not well utilized, and toys littered the floor under their nightstands.  The new dressers-as-nightstands also freed up some much needed space in their tiny under-the-attic-stairs closet.

Form and function… aaaaahhhhh.  And a free project among so many money projects this summer… double aaaaahhhhh!


All Quiet on the SoVA Front

Um, can we say crickets?  It’s not that I’ve not been doing anything, it’s that I’ve not thought about sharing projects with you until it was too late.  And also, I didn’t think you’d be interested in pictures of heat pumps.  That’s where the majority of our money has been focused this summer.

We did do one BIG HUGE AMAZING outdoor pretty project.  And by did, I mean we hired someone to plan it and do it.  I can do outdoor projects, it’s just not my area of expertise and I know it can be done better than I have the time or energy to pull off on my own.

The brick wall used to be hidden by hostas I wanted to save mixed with weeds I wanted gone but never cleared because I had no idea when the project might actually happen. Otherwise known as procrastination.

The kids’ favorite tree on the left, and the patchy not-grass in front of it.  The area that looks mulched?  Just dirt.

Terrible.  But hey, there’s a shot of one of the GORGEOUS new heat pumps!  I never even went to this side of the yard.  Barren wasteland side.

Then this, plus three other trucks you can’t see from this stalking-from-the-window picture came to my rescue.  Yep, the tractor trailer is my way of giving the neighbors something to talk about.  It was full of…

SOD!!! And oh my goodness, when they finished, I just wanted to go roll in my grass.  My REAL grass!!

Backing up half a day, they first dug up, divided, and replanted all my hostas, then mulched in an arc in the corner of the yard.  I was surprised that they didn’t extend the mulch all the way down the brick wall, as it was pre-project, but I’m SO glad I gave total control of the project over to the landscaper.

And the icing on the perfect back yard cake?

After a couple of weeks to let the grass take root, it looks less patchwork and more dense carpet.  I didn’t even know when they finished, but the crew seeded the section they didn’t sod, so now we have baby grass against the front brick wall!

(The not mulched area beyond the pretty yard is the official “dog yard” where they can take care of their stuff without me freaking out that they’ll burn the grass.)

While I was taking pictures this evening, a family of deer were out for a stroll.  We love our deer, and we love them more that they leave our hostas inside the fence alone.

The landscaper said the closer the fire pit is to the house, the more often it will be used.  We’ve now had several hot dog dinners and so many s’mores from our fire pit.  Please don’t tell my dad, but we use the little baby fire logs to start our fires.  I can start a fire the traditional way, but by the time the hubby is home and the kids are begging for s’mores, there is not a single ounce of desire to be a Girl Scout.  I just want to listen to cicadas while lounging next to the fire in my adirondack chair.

Campaigning Again!

I made over a campaign desk earlier this year and love how it looks in my guest room.  So when I saw a campaign dresser in my favorite resale shop, I wanted it.  But I really had no way to incorporate a black piece of furniture into any room in my house.  I’m all earth tones.

campaign dresser

After playing Musical Furniture (again), I was looking for a wider – but still lower than the window – dresser.  I kept coming back to this dresser, then walking away.  For a few months.

Earlier this month, I purchased a table for my foyer and painted it an almost white.  It’s basically a smaller version of what was there before, but meant I had less space to fill.  Still on the hunt for new hardware.

It finally occurred to me that I could *gasp* paint the already painted dresser.  The heavy beast was purchased and loaded into my van, taking up an entire row of the bench seats and having only an inch or so of clearance. I managed to unload it from my van, but couldn’t even move it from the driveway to the house.  A dolly went on my Christmas wish list.

Did I mention the hubby was coming home from a week long work trip THAT DAY?!  “Hi honey, how was your trip?  I have no idea how that large black object appeared in our driveway.  You want to help me carry it upstairs?”

After procrastinating for a few days, and therefore making my children walk around the dresser and drawers, which were removed in an attempt to make the extremely heavy piece slightly less heavy, I got around to painting.

I let the girls put their clothes in the dresser last night and put the hardware back on this morning.  I think it looks great in their room!