Campaigning Again!

I made over a campaign desk earlier this year and love how it looks in my guest room.  So when I saw a campaign dresser in my favorite resale shop, I wanted it.  But I really had no way to incorporate a black piece of furniture into any room in my house.  I’m all earth tones.

campaign dresser

After playing Musical Furniture (again), I was looking for a wider – but still lower than the window – dresser.  I kept coming back to this dresser, then walking away.  For a few months.

Earlier this month, I purchased a table for my foyer and painted it an almost white.  It’s basically a smaller version of what was there before, but meant I had less space to fill.  Still on the hunt for new hardware.

It finally occurred to me that I could *gasp* paint the already painted dresser.  The heavy beast was purchased and loaded into my van, taking up an entire row of the bench seats and having only an inch or so of clearance. I managed to unload it from my van, but couldn’t even move it from the driveway to the house.  A dolly went on my Christmas wish list.

Did I mention the hubby was coming home from a week long work trip THAT DAY?!  “Hi honey, how was your trip?  I have no idea how that large black object appeared in our driveway.  You want to help me carry it upstairs?”

After procrastinating for a few days, and therefore making my children walk around the dresser and drawers, which were removed in an attempt to make the extremely heavy piece slightly less heavy, I got around to painting.

I let the girls put their clothes in the dresser last night and put the hardware back on this morning.  I think it looks great in their room!


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