Necessity is the Mother of… Rearranging.

I spent a week up to my eyeballs in kids’ clothes, going through eight bins and five boxes, and realized I needed to rearrange furniture so my two oldest girls could use small matching dressers from other rooms for extra storage of undergarments and shorts/jeans/skirts.

You may not be able to tell, but there was a system in all this madness.  Post-its everywhere: “Too big for S” or “Too small for A” and so on, so I knew into which bin it would need to be sorted.

The small dressers were previously in my other girls’ bedroom and the main bathroom, where they were either too small or not well utilized.  My older girls’ nightstands were also small and not well utilized, and toys littered the floor under their nightstands.  The new dressers-as-nightstands also freed up some much needed space in their tiny under-the-attic-stairs closet.

Form and function… aaaaahhhhh.  And a free project among so many money projects this summer… double aaaaahhhhh!


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