Plumbing Woes and Plumbing Successes

 When I met with the plumbers at the new house this week, they said our pipe picked a bad week to break because they’re absolutely slammed.  Needless to say, a crack in the main drain line leading out of the house is NOT a good crack.  Espeically when it’s cast iron and connects to an elbow that goes into concrete in the basement floor.

They’ll need to heat the pipes to melt the lead, remove the cracked section of pipe, and install a new piece of cast iron pipe.  At any point, the elbow could break from the heat, so our plumber (who’s in his late 30s, I’m guessing) brought in an older plumber, who laughed about the houses on the street all having a “big ‘ol mess of lead” in the basements.  We’re praying the elbow doesn’t break, because it could quickly turn a $250 repair into a $2,000 repair if they have to start busting up the concrete.  (Let’s not even get into the chipping paint.  I know.)


This is the strangest little bathroom, by the way.  I’m certain it’s not original to the house, and it’s the only section of the basement that has walls made of wood siding.

In better plumbing news, my hubby was able to remove the leaking garbage disposal from the kitchen sink, which was also tied into the dishwasher and therefore making it unusable.  It was connected to the small middle sink, and just needed a new pipe with dishwasher hookups.  Not that the dishwasher is really usable with such a large crack in the main drain line.  But hey, small victories, right?