Curtain Crisis Averted!

When you order what is supposed to be a continuous bolt of 9 yards of curtain fabric, what you do NOT want to find at 127″ into the bolt is this:

With each panel cut at 108″, this seam meant I lost 19″ of length I really didn’t have to lose.  19″ meant I had no allowance for hemming along the top, and just barely hemming at the floor.  It meant I had 98.5″ of length per panel for a total height of 98″ needed.  Thankfully, while trying to hang panels on the first window (before I found the seam), my hands were aching from trying to turn screws in the wood, since pre-drilling behind the cornice boxes was impossible.  I cursed the existence of curtain rod holders and settled for stapling the fabric to a pre-existing board above the window frame.  This decision would save me from needing several inches for the rod.

I contacted Joann’s customer service line to let them know they need to ensure fabric will be a continuous roll since it’s not stated it won’t be (some fabrics give a length cap for continuous roll –typically 30 yds– and this one did not).

All in all, the crisis was averted, and I’m the only one who will ever know the hemming behind the cornice boxes isn’t finished.  I still need to hem the bottoms of the curtains, but I’m letting exhaustion win and I’m settling for having them pinned for a day.

living room curtains

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