Dressing Up for Christmas

I love Christmas.  Favorite holiday, hands down.  The foyer of the new house was a blank slate, because there’s no foyer in the old house.  I began shopping, picking up a table for $25,

a few terrariums,


and some Dollar Tree Christmas village pieces.

A can of white spray paint and a can of metallic spray paint helped with the projects, transforming a red table and a sad little village into a crisp white entry table and decorative accents.

Two of the three terrariums and the orb came from Marshall’s.  The third terrarium came from a local resale shop.  The silver tray was a gift from a friend.  The lamp and shade were purchased at Walmart.  The small cloche at the back of the table was found it in an art shop in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is one of my favorite decorative pieces.  It’s always been tucked away in my bedroom, but I wanted to have it on display in the new house!

The ornaments were clear glass, so I poured a little baby oil inside, swirling to coat completely, then poured in a bit of glitter, swirled and shook to coat the inside.  And done.  Glittery ornaments with no glitter mess!

I filled each of the terrariums with some expired epsom salts, for a realistic snowy scene, then placed a Christmas village piece inside.  All very simple and very clean.  My kids love that some of the village pieces are out, and they’re constantly moving them.  For $1, they can play all they want!

I even said I wasn’t going to do garland on the banister this year, but I had one piece left after hanging garland outside, and it was just the right length!

I decorate a little each day, so things are always changing.  What about you?  Do you decorate all at once or is it a slow process?


A Bit of Fun on Friday!

A few years ago, I made a book wreath.  After friends saw the wreath, they wanted wreaths made.  I made enough book wreaths that I didn’t care if I never made another wreath of any kind.  Until now.  I was skimming through Pinterest, not looking for anything in particular, when this coffee filter wreath popped up.  We’ve been doing lots of working and not so much “funning” at the new house, and Friday seemed like as good a day as any to do something fast and pretty!

With steps that sounded MUCH simpler than my book wreaths and a shopping list that totaled $2, I was willing to give this wreath a try.  My grandmother drove up to my house to make note cards with my kids, so I thought I’d have my own craft time during theirs!

Start to finish, the wreath took two hours to make, instead of the original poster’s one, which I’m sure has nothing to do with my four year old taking the filters to pretend they were hats or cupcake liners or to see how they float down to the floor when you drop them.  I still need to buy the ribbon to hang it, but I like!  It’s going to look great in the foyer!  (I’ve been picking up and changing up some furniture for the foyer, so I can’t wait to show off the finished room!)