A Darling (Coral and Gold) Bathroom

I’ve been absent from blogging for too long, which seems to be the recurring theme.  If you’re still reading, I’m still working on the house, just not posting much about it.

This weekend, four of my six kids were at the beach with my mom, so I took advantage of being practically kid-free and knocked out a couple of projects!  I have two girls with June birthdays and was running short on gift ideas.  I knew all of the girls would appreciate something happening to the bathroom they all share.


I essentially moved the things that were in their last bathroom into this bathroom and called it done.  Not the best I could do, but I also wasn’t ready to tackle replacing the sink (will take a plumber due to the way it’s hooked up) or retiling the bathroom (which I’m so undecided on how to handle).  So, I needed a happy medium, and these birthdays gave me a great opportunity to find just that.

First, it was choosing a direction to take the room.  Like everyone else in the world, I love the coral and gold I’m seeing everywhere (and even wearing right now), and with the antique light fixture I’d chosen for the room, it was the perfect choice.

A trip to Sherwin Williams, followed by three coats of paint, followed by trips to Lowes, Marshalls, World Market, and Green Living Resale.  And the result is fantastic!  Not finished, but also not bare bones like it was.  I’m waiting to find the right pieces (mirrors, paintings, ???) for over the tub.  I’m not in a rush to hang just anything, I’ve got to love it.  The girls are thrilled, although one of my daughters, whose birthday is not in June, says it needs to be purple.  Can’t please them all, but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad!


Several months ago, I installed the light fixture above the mirror, but no one ever noticed it.  When I invited my best friend over to see the bathroom, she asked if I just put up the light.  When my mom brought the kids home from the beach, she asked the same thing.  This gorgeous fixture was hidden in plain view, but not anymore!  It’s getting all the attention it deserves!


More Lighting!

My best friend is the type of person who makes mental notes of things I mention wanting, then randomly texts me with pictures to see if they fit into my current projects.  This is great for me, because taking five kids into antique shops during the week doesn’t always work out so well, and she has a little more flexibility with her schedule.  She’s never offended if I respond that it’s not what I had in mind.  She’s the best personal shopper ever!

Last week, I got a text with a couple of pictures.  One of a red crushed velvet lamp shade covering an ornate black fixture with red glass details (um, yeah, not my style, and apparently was only texted to me because the woman at the shop insisted) and one of a double arm brass sconce with pressed glass globes.  I swooned over the lovely feminine details and made a mental note to justify this light fixture to the hubby by pointing out that there were no chains involved.  He has a serious loathing of light fixtures with chains.  I apologized in advance for the dining room fixture.  And promised no more chains.  At least for awhile.

Here’s the picture I received of the first piece of the girls’ bathroom redo:

I was finally able to make it to the shop on Saturday, and saw the price tag of $40.  The realistic side of me argued that $40 was probably reasonable for the light fixture, but the frugal-always-looking-for-a-deal side of me argued that I thought I could do better.  The shop owner threw out $25, tax included, so the globes were wrapped, a box was found, and the light and I made the short trip to the house.

I now have a new shop to check out semi-regularly, and a start on the girls’ bathroom makeover!  Because let’s face it, this:


really doesn’t have a lot of femininity going for it.