Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the best bargain shopper of all?

Me?  Oh yes!

After we replaced our bathroom sink, I was on the hunt for a new mirror.  The plain mirror was just sort of there, very blah.

Just a basic mirror, nothing fancy.

Just a basic mirror, nothing fancy.

Being the cheap-o that I am, I began scouring facebook yard sale pages.  One day, I found it.  The loveliest mirror of them all, a Bassett Furniture (local to me, by the way) mirror with the $179 price tag still on it, and the seller asking $20 for it.  Come. To. Mama!!!

I had no idea when I agreed to buy it what the actual dimensions were, I just knew I liked this mirror and would make it work somewhere else in my house if it didn’t work in the bathroom.  Well, I couldn’t have shopped in a mirror store for a mirror that fit the sink better in size or style.  The exact width of the sink, the same curve along the top of the mirror and the front of the sink… perfection!

What a beautiful “after,” even with price tag residue still on it.

For all of our heavy hanging items, we use E-Z Ancor 75 lb. Twist and Lock anchors.  I measured and marked each of the places to put in the anchors, triple checking that the marks were level.  I had a very happy level bubble after getting the mirror up on the wall!

This mirror has two hooks with specific instructions on the back NOT to use wire to hang, so we’ve got 150 lbs. of holding power on a 40 lb. mirror.  We’ve tried other anchors, and nothing works as well as these.  These anchors have saved many a towel bar from my kids’ constant tugs, they have held up to kids standing on wall-mounted baby gates, and they’ve held very heavy pieces on the wall.

Now, with the new mirror up, I can decide on a towel ring and toilet paper holder!

Any other facebook/Craigslist shopping wins out there?


My Black Friday Purchase

I’m not really a big Black Friday shopper.  I went out this year with my 9 year old son to three stores for three reasons.  We went to Tractor Supply for a dog bed for our sweet Nya, Walmart for Christmas lights for our tree, and Lowe’s for ornaments (this was my son’s only reason for wanting to come… so he could buy ornaments for his siblings for Christmas).

Finding a new bathroom sink on the $150 budget of selling the old sink proved to be quite a challenge.  I called or stopped by all my favorite antique/secondhand stores, scoured Craigslist and facebook yard sale groups, all to no avail.  In the checkout line at Lowe’s Friday morning, I saw their Black Friday ad for a sink regularly priced at $279 on sale for $199.  Their Black Friday specials were good all weekend, so I grabbed the ad and went home.  The hubby and I agreed on the sink, especially since I had $155 in returns to make to the store.  Including the faucet and other plumbing supplies, we spent $283 on the sink, minus $155, for a project total of $128!

Okay, I realize it was still a $283 project, but the returns certainly eased the pain on my wallet today!

Here’s the obligatory “before” of the sink:

Here’s the “in process” photo:

(I’m sure my husband loves being one of the subjects in my project photos.)

And finally, the sink is in!


Soon I’ll be choosing a paint color, replacing the mirror, (hopefully) changing up the lighting, adding toilet paper and towel holders, and eventually replacing the toilet!  So much to do in such a small room!

How about you?  Any good Black Friday finds?

Selling the Sink!

The house has one bathroom that just doesn’t fit the style of the house.  I knew since before we bought the house that one of the first things I’d do is replace the sink.

Not a bad sink, just not right for this house.  Too modern, no storage (the front doesn’t open at all), and the faucet doesn’t even belong in a bathroom.  Today, it’s going to a new home, and I need to find a sink to replace it.  I’m sticking with my budget of the selling price for this sink — $150.  I’ve been hunting for the right piece for this spot, but no luck yet.

I’ll be back with an update soon (I hope)!