Projects: Form vs. Function

Some projects make it to the list because they’re MUSTS.  Others make it to the list because they’re what I want.  I try and balance form and function, but my husband will be the first to tell you that form almost always wins.  Still, what better way to document everything we do in the new house than with a checklist!  And since crossing items off a list releases endorphins, it’s just perfect!  (This list is nowhere near complete, and will continue to grow.  Links to posts detailing projects are included on some of the crossed off items.)


Replace dining room light fixture

Paint foyer table

Make living room curtains

Install plantation blinds in master bedroom (okay, this one is kind of both form and function, but since I splurged on white faux wood blinds, I’m calling it “form”)

Make laundry room curtains (especially since the windows face the neighbor’s house and there’s a functioning shower that we’ll use from time to time)

Replace girls’ bathroom light fixture

Replace bathroom #1 sink

Paint drop-leaf table

Paint hexagon table

Repaint pew

Make dining room curtains

Make girls’ beds

Make boys’ beds



Purchase refrigerator

Rip out bathroom #2 sink/cabinet

Move washer/dryer hookups

Install dryer vent (hired out because there are too many important lines running near this room for us DIYers to want to attempt)

Remove garbage disposal and replace plumbing under kitchen sink

Remove cracked cast iron drain pipe and replace with new pipe (hired out because it’s beyond our expertise)

Replace bathroom #1 broken shower handle

Replace bathroom #1 shower doors?

Re-hang bathroom #1 towel bars, etc.



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